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Build a fast PC with our recommended components. Upgrade your PC with help from our graphics card and CPU reviews. We'll help you buy or build the fastest PC for your budget, and keep you up to date with *important* industry developments. Cutting through industry speak to recommend the real stuff

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When building a quick PC that does the job, there are a few different types of people: enthusiasts, ready to pay any money for the latest components, trying to eke out as much speed and power as possible. Then there are the PC aestheticians, the modders, trying to produce a combination of beauty and performance.

Thirdly, we have my group, the bargain-hunters. Not that we won't pay for the right product-it just has to represent value for money and produce on the real-world stage, not just be a number in a benchmarking utility. We get a thrill from paying less for a computer that does more: a PC that is almost as fast as the fastest available, but for half the price.

Phil and Si at Fastest PC differ in our opinions on this. Phil loves the most powerful machine possible. He loves the premium products. And so do I, but more than that, I look for the performance ratios, the diminishing returns you get for the extra money, and I like to advise your average PC user to avoid cutting edge and go for tried and true.

There are a lot of measures of productivity and speed, but I favour the commonplace. At Fastest PC we'll be looking at things like boot times, 1080p (HD) gaming, 1440p gaming, 4K gaming, when to upgrade and when to replace, and most importantly, value for money.

We'll be looking at the hype surrounding the new graphics cards, the new processors, and occasionally even a motherboard or RAM setup. We'll even look at some aging components. What we'll be telling you is what you can achieve with each.

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