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AMD stock plays Rollercoaster Tycoon for a few hours, and Graphics Card Latest June 2017 Recommendations at Fastest PC

AMD stock plays Rollercoaster Tycoon for a few hours, and Graphics Card Latest June 2017 Recommendations


AMD shares

(clawing at the leg of Intel after years spent under its big toe since the release of its Ryzen processors which are actually super-awesome) went up and down more quickly than your mum at a Halford's car park in the 90s on Tuesday, after stock seller people ("traders") got all hot under the collar at the prospect of a licensing deal with Intel and really went to town with the buys. Then there was a press conference in which AMD chief Lisa Su didn't mention it -- i.e. the licensing deal hadn't happened. The stock dudes and ladies hollered SELL louder than your mum calling for more suitors in the pitch black Halford's car park, from the window of her Range Rover.

Fickle, those markets, so I'm told, and er, on the evidence of stuff like this. AMD shares went up almost 12% and then down 13% hours later.

The fact is, people should be excited about AMD. Their DX12-loving GPUs are great now, affordable, and will only get better as more games optimise for DX12, which they are doing like greased hares down at the dog track. They still don't have the brute force of Nvidia's awesome Pascal architecture, but a RX580 8GB will be a better card than the GTX 1060 6GB for most newer games, at only a tiny bit more cash, plus will be better at handling 4K on the cheap, and will kick the ass of 1440p.

The graphics cards I currently recommend to gamers are as follows:

Great budget card - GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

- will be great for 1080p gaming with the AA turned down. £130-£140 - find a slew of competing cards at this price on Amazon - click on our link to Amazon just over there (I have no idea where our Amazon link is on the page you are looking at) and take a look. If you've got space in your case, go for one with two fans, as the cards with one fan whine under load, like your mum at the Halford's car park.

Lower/Medium budget - AMD RX570 4GB

- a sweet, sweet, cheaper card, with a huge bang for the buck, like know what, I'll stop with the mum stuff. Will obliterate any 1080p game and will be good for 1440p too with AA off. There's a Gigabyte version on Amazon for only £161 at the moment, which is amazing value.

Medium budget - AMD RX580 8GB

- another AMD card that just beats off (careful...) the Nvidia competition, in this case the excellent GTX 1060 6GB. Why do I recommend the AMD card? I prefer their desktop look (the colours are richer to my eye), and with more games using DX12, optimisation for this card will increase, whereas the 1060 is older and will suffer because of it. Click through on our Amazon ad, wherever it may be, and seriously consider future-proofing your rig for any new game in 1080 or 1440p. Can you squeeze 4K out of it? Well, better than the PS4 Pro can. This is a superb, fast, powerful card, and its TDP (amount of electricity it needs basically) is still pretty good. BUY IT.

High budget - NVIDIA 1080 8GB

- £500 will get you insane FPS at 1080p, killer FPS at 1440p, and totes playable at 4K. Great for people with a lot more money than me. Good for you, you wealthy bastards.


You suck and I hate you budget - NVIDIA 1080Ti 11GB

- This is the daddy and mummy of all cards, a wonderful dual-gendered 4K killer that's faster and more powerful than a Titan. I mean the graphics card, not the Greek god-children who sprung from Gaia (Mother Earth) and Your Anus (Father Sky). Classic Uranus joke, never gets old. Unbelievable graphics card, if you've got the means, buy it, then invite me round to watch it/stroke it.

PS. watch this space for AMD Vega GPUs, coming in July apparently. These are going to be direct competitors for the Nvidia Pascal cards and more. Ooooooooh exciting!


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