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PC Games you might have missed

Games you might have missed, but should SEEK AND DESTROY (um, buy and play)

At Fastest PC, we take care of your needs. No, not those ones. Your gaming needs.

These are games that are cheap to buy, but as of 2017 are still lookers, and most importantly, are profound gaming experiences. A budget rig will play them because of their age. Any PC with a discrete graphics card (this does not mean it will keep your awful, awful secrets) with 1GB of onboard RAM, paired with a CPU built in the last five or six years and 4GBs of RAM will have no problems cranking these out at good 1080p resolutions, with the exception perhaps of Crysis 2, Far Cry 4 and Shadow of Mordor, which might need a little more, or need lower settings.



The absolute pinnacle of PC gaming according to us, the Bioshock series has recently been released as an updated HD collection, and looks absolutely incredible. Playing through the first, groundbreaking game in HD is an absolute joy, and if you've never played before, I envy you hugely. All three of these are exceptional, and your feet will end up like ice lollies, as the socks will be knocked off them.


Portal, Portal 2 and Portal Stories Mel, available on Steam, are joyous puzzlers that look ace. Fab voice acting and Douglas Adams-style humour make these games a treat that will leave you smiling.

Fallout: New Vegas


Between the excellent Fallout 3 and the mixed Fallout 4 came this standalone DLC. With intelligent-ish factions and camp monsters, and an excellent RPG system, the world in this game is the only time I've been tempted to visit Vegas.

GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City

GTA 3 was excellent. GTA 4 was excellent. GTA 5 is excellent. GTA Vice City was my favourite. Except maybe for the "Ballad of Gay Tony", one half of a masterful DLC for GTA 4 that is so much fun, due to its camp stylings. Walking into the club to start a few of the missions will delight you. Crank up the volume and enjoy!

Crysis 2


The first couple of Crysisisis ("Crises"?) were excellent, but destroyed all graphics cards of the time. That's why they still look great, with the added bonus that you can actually play them. I recommend all of them, but Crysis 2 is my favourite. It's a straight-up first person shooter with a lot of style and the compelling Crysis elements, such as stalking around, picking off enemies in your cloaked Nanosuit. Bad guys, aliens, and gorgeous graphics.

Far Cry 3 and 4


See my Far Cry 4 review here , but in general, beautiful backdrops and fun gunning, with slightly-dodgy storytelling.

Sleeping Dogs


This Hong Kong GTA-style sandbox and storyline game is not that well known, but should be. Gorgeous lighting and city design and great combat make this an absolute Tae Kwon Joy.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa is the graphically-updated original Half Life, modded for your modern pleasure. It's wonderful to be able to play this classic on a modern PC with decent graphics...and, uh, it's almost complete. Still, buy it on Steam and relive the Half Life splendour, or if you missed Half Life, play it for the first time and again, I envy you greatly.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This one sneaks in because it's a fine modern game, but also because it's graphically impressive and incredibly cheap to buy. Get it on a game code website or in a Steam sale for under £4, and enjoy the Gollumy goodness. It's a precious Assassin's Creed/Arkham Asylum type game, but better I think, certainly than the former.



Stalker is a slightly-buggy gem with a severe difficulty curve, but once you're in and equipped with some armour and weaponry, it's maybe the best open-world FPS there is. Long range sniping of other Chernobyl-dwelling "stalkers" and bandits is great fun and seems realistic, as does your own demise, which happens fairly and frequently at the start. Explore "The Zone", the irradiated area of Chernobyl, discover awesome powerups ("artifacts") and get eaten by a weird walrus dog thing. Brilliant. Oh, also music that sounds like, um...what was that soft Russian-sounding metal band from a decade or so ago? Evanescence? Yup, I think so. Music from radios sounds like that, it's ace.
*disclaimer -- Evanescence are probably Canadian or something. I don't know and I refuse to look them up.

PC Games you might have missed

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