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New things we love Summer 2017

New PC Gadgets we LOVE Summer 2017

There are a ton of fantastic PC accessories around at the moment, and your ability to customise your PC and PC peripherals has never been better. The PC I use at home is full-on red. The testing PC I have in the spare room is green. Green fans and red fans and leds everywhere. That's why this season I'm going full blue.


Look at this little beauty. Glass windows are so awesome-looking and so cheap right now. And then even better value is this gorgeous case -


Look at the price on that. Phwoaarrr, etc. But really, we love it. It's gorj.

Of course, if you want to keep your old case, why not add a couple of these excellent, quiet case fans, and blue the whole thing up, POW!?


All these are available at EBuyer, link at the bottom of this page. A good site we've bought from a number of times.

Next on my shopping list though is this, out in a week or so at time of writing -


Seriously, we could not be more excited to get our hands on the new AMD RX580 8GB. It's such incredible value. I only run a 1080p monitor, and this baby is going to get me average frame rates well above the screen refresh rate, so it's going to be as smooth as a baby's gaming experience, if that baby knew how to install an RX580 in their beautiful blue case, which they don't, because babies are clumsy and inexperienced.

And just one more thing...

Or two. I'm giving some love to the following things this season:


You hear a lot of people complaining about Windows, but honestly, Windows 10 is fantastic. The new Creator's Update has made things even smoother. I think the fashion for bitching about Microsoft is ready to die to be honest. I'm calling Windows 10 the new OS of the, er, 10s. YEAH!



For anybody still rocking the kind of retro iPhone 5s, go even more retro with this Gameboy case. Gasp, it takes me back to my youth. When I never received a Gameboy and so still want one even as an adult.

Check below for links to some of these fabbo products. And thanks for reading. BYEEE!

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