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 Pavilion G6-2399sa Refurbished 15.6 Laptop - White, White from HP

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Pavilion G6-2399sa Refurbished 15.6 Laptop - White, White from HP

  • Brand: HP
  • Model Number: G62399sa
With powerful quad-core processing and gorgeous dedicated graphics, the white HP Pavilion G6-2399sa Refurbished 15. Produced by HP available at PC World, 6 Laptop is the ideal laptop for serious computing.
Intuitive Windows 8: The Pavilion G6-2399sa comes preinstalled with the Windows 8 operating system. The quad-core A10-4600M features twice as many cores as a normal laptop processor. This allows the G6-2399sa to run at an impressive 2.6 GHz, making for a smoother computing experience that deals with difficult tasks as fast as you do. The A10-4600M is an accelerated processing unit (APU). An APU adds a dedicated graphics card to the processing unit to deliver superior graphics in a compact package, keeping the computer portable and energy efficient. This ensures gorgeous HD graphics that make the most of all your favourite media. From games to films and photos, you can rely on the Pavilion G6 to deliver your media at its best.
A generous 8 GB of RAM helps with complex computing tasks and makes multi-tasking a breeze. So whether you love streaming music while you work or need a number of programs and tabs open, the G6-2399sa won't slow you down. A huge 1 TB hard drive provides ample storage for an entire family's worth of files, photos and films. Capable of holding up to a quarter of a million songs, there's bound to be enough room for your entire media collection. Backing up all these files to external memory isn't a problem either thanks to the three USB ports, two of which are the super fast USB 3.0. Providing far quicker data transfer than normal ports, USB 3.0 makes short work of even the biggest files and folder.
Keep cool - The G6-2399sa features the innovative HP Cool Sense. Intelligent management of internal component temperature and activity ensures the computer runs cooler than previously possible, making for long-term comfortable computing.
Wireless connectivity - Connecting to your wireless connection is simple thanks to the built-in WiFi adapter while the useful 8 hours battery life ensures you can stay completely cable free for longer between charges. Once online, staying connected to friends and family is simple thanks to the integrated TrueVision webcam.
Big screen compatibility The G6-2399sa can be used as a handy media hub too thanks to the HDMI port. Connecting a HDMI cable between the computer and any modern TV, monitor or projector lets you enjoy your digital media in full HD on the big screen. You can even continue to control it using the touchscreen, making it the perfect for presentations or games.
This refurbished computer has been professionally checked, tested and re-boxed by our experts. While there may be some minor cosmetic imperfections, this computer will be fully functional and comes with a reassuring 12-month warranty, and offers fantastic savings over the 'as new' price.

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