Pavilion 15-e092ea 15.6" Laptop - Red, Red from HP

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Pavilion 15-e092ea 15.6" Laptop - Red, Red from HP

  • Brand: HP
  • EAN: 887758717127
  • Model Number: 15e092ea
With an AMD A4 quad core processor and Radeon HD graphics the HP Pavilion 15-e092ea 15. Produced by HP available at PC World, 6" Laptop is the ultimate entertainment system, with 1 TB worth of storage for all your music and photos. Enhanced with Windows 8 Windows 8 works in harmony with the HP Pavilion's fast processing capabilities and crisp graphics, allowing you to zip seamlessly through your apps and documents. Use the vibrant tiles on the Start Screen to personalise your desktop with real-time news updates, social network posts, emails and more. Windows Cloud Connect allows you to switch between devices - move conveniently from your Pavilion 15-e092ea to your tablet or smartphone at any time, and access all your files on the go. All-powerful AMD components Whether you're streaming a movie, editing a large document or downloading a new app, the Pavilion 15-e092ea will make these activities simple and ultra-fast thanks to a 1.5 GHz, quad core AMD A4-5000M processor, with 8 GB worth of RAM. The AMD A series was built with speed and performance in mind, for undisrupted HD streaming and smooth multitasking - you can enjoy this knowing that energy efficiency is also at the heart of the AMD A4-5000M. With a built-in AMD Radeon HD 8330 graphics card you can play the latest computer games and watch HD videos with stunning graphics and fluid motion. Plenty of connections With three USB connections, including USB 3.0, the Pavilion 15-e092ea offers various connection points for your most used devices. A wireless connection allows you to connect to your home network without hassle, there's also an Ethernet port to receive the strongest bandwidth. The memory card reader makes it easier to view and share your newest photos and the 3.5 mm port is ideal for your headphones and microphones. Designed around you The Pavilion 15-e092ea is light and portable, with a battery life of five hours and built-in speakers for full-bodied sound. The slim 15.6 " LED, backlit display is clear and bright which is ideal for viewing photos with friends, studying at home or typing reports for work, there's also a huge 1 TB worth of storage. Share a smile with your loved ones using the HD TrueVision webcam and you can communicate with ease with the highly responsive multitouch trackpad and full-sized keyboard. Finished with a striking red, metallic design, the Pavilion 15-e092ea 15.6" Laptop will look fantastic wherever you use it and HP Support Assistant will keep your laptop on top of its game."

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