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 X502CA-XX152H 15.6" Laptop - White, White from Asus

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X502CA-XX152H 15.6" Laptop - White, White from Asus

  • Brand: Asus
  • EAN: 4716659514220
  • Model Number: X502CAXX152H
The white Asus X502CA-XX152H 15. Produced by Asus available at PC World, 6" Laptop packs high-performance technology into a light and slender frame for dynamic on-the-go computing. Enliven your laptop with Windows 8 The Windows 8 operating system is here and included in your Asus X50-2CAXX152H Laptop . An exciting and highly innovative new system, it combines all the important Windows features you love reliably and securely, and it's even easier to use! Operating around a combination of internet apps and a dazzlingly clear and colourful desktop, it dynamically utilises cloud technology for true mobility and flexibility. The customisable Start screen lets you arrange all your important information and features as required thanks to the beautiful new tiled icon layout. Windows 8 works just as well on your keyboard and touchpad as it does on its intended touchscreen interface, so you still get the same fluid usability however you decide to use your computer. Powerful computing performance The 15.6" X5-02CAXX15-2H combines smooth computing with superior multitasking and multimedia facilities. Powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core i3-2365M processor, it delivers sleek, responsive performance that gives you great control for all your daily computing tasks. The processor's smart operation gives you satisfaction every time you open up your laptop for top productivity and maximum pleasure. The laptop also offers two-second Instant On technology, lending it a smartphone-like spontaneity. Asus Super Hybrid Engine II allows it to resume operation rapidly from sleep mode. The 4 GB of RAM ensures swift, smooth performance, and there is a 320 GB hard drive to store all those essential photos, videos, documents, songs and other important items safely and accessibly. Maintaining immediate accessibility, it also offers an energy-conserving design which can maintain standby mode for up to two weeks. Your data is automatically backed up when the battery charge drops to 5%, keeping precious information secure and simple to access. Defined by outstanding sound and visuals SonicMaster Technology and AudioWizard take your computer experience up a notch by providing some of the best notebook sound around. Large Altec Lansing speakers with enhanced chambers benefit from advanced sound tuning for total sonic enjoyment. Combining with this quality hardware and optimised software, the proprietary AudioWizard utility helps you refine the sound further to cater to your various entertainment preferences. The Asus X502CAXX-152H Laptop houses a 15.6" LED display with a HD Ready resolution of 1366 x 768p for detailed, colourful visuals. It's also back-lit, improving contrast and visibility levels for great entertainment and web browsing at any time. An easier-to-use laptop Taking touch fidelity to new highs, the X50-2CAXX152H 15.6" Laptop is bolstered with Asus Smart Gesture technology. Its built-in touchpad is some 33% larger than other models, so it provides improved input response, with faster and more accurate gestures and more supported motions. This really lets you interact dynamically with the intuitive Windows 8 interface. The palm rest is fitted with IceCool Technology, an ingenious feature that keeps the area at body temperature or lower. You'll find it so much more comfortable to use the computer as wrist heat exposure is eliminated - those marathon typing sessions just got a whole lot more natural and comfortable. Full connection array The Asus X502CA-XX152H Laptop Computer keeps you connected for all your multimedia needs. Connect memory sticks, external hard drives and peripherals using the one USB 2.0 port and two USB 3.0 ports available. An HDMI port allows you to connect the laptop to a compatible secondary monitor or HDTV, and there's also a VGA output for this purpose. Listen to music or movies privately and input sound to the computer using the 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jacks. Enjoy full-screen, 16:9 HD video conferencing or chats with friends and family using the built-in"

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